Smartwool created the first Merino wool Hike sock,

but that doesn’t mean we’re done pushing the limits of how comfortable they can be.



Best-fitting. Highest-performing. Fit for any trail.

We pack these pairs with the very best sock innovations in every height and cushion level

to help your feet feel their best from start to summit.

In 1994, we invented the first-ever Merino wool sock—the Classic Hike. They are our origin story. The catalyst. The beginning.

And inspired wannabes worldwide by setting the standard of Merino wool performance socks.

Almost 30 years later, these socks remain an icon in the outdoor community and only refreshed in the name of sustainability.

Check out our 2nd Cut Hike Sock made with 50% circular yarn here.





Timeless terry-looped comfort to keep things soft on the toughest trails.

This sock changed the game and created a community of Merino wool addicts,

so we aren’t changing it anytime soon.

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Take your hike to new heights.


When you're exploring the great outdoors, comfortable feet are crucial. 

Our Merino wool hiking socks are designed to wick away moisture, keeping your feet dry and blister-free—perfect for long distances and multi-season hiking, including cold weather.

Made from a blend of Merino wool, polyester, and nylon, our socks provide warmth when needed, durability, and comfort.

Our cushion socks come in a variety of options from extra padding in the heel and toe to zero cushion and everything in between.

Don't settle for subpar socks on your next hiking adventure.

Invest in the best Merino wool hiking socks from Smartwool and experience the difference.