We’ve loved our Merino Sport 150 Top for years. And we’re pretty confident you will too. In fact, to prove it, we want to provide you with a 30-day wear test. Yep that’s right, that’s 30 days of testing it within your own outdoor adventures. 30 days to fall in love with this incredible top and all of it’s amazing benefits. And at the end of the wear test, if by chance you haven’t fallen in love, simply send it back and we’ll happily refund your purchase, including shipping!


*Valid only on select Merino wool gear. Full terms and conditions at the bottom of the page.

Merino Sport 150 Tops

Our Merino Sport 150 Top is an essential piece to any weather condition outdoor adventure. Whether you’re going outside to run, hike or even training, this lighter, yet soft, fabric combines all of the moisture management, temperature regulation, and odor resistance of Merino wool with the durability and quick dry time of polyester—so you're prepared to perform when it matters most. We like to think of this versatile benefit as Merino Wool’s superpower!

Bottomline, this top provides all day, all weather comfort helping you conquer any weather conditions and activities.

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*The 30-day Wear Test is valid on qualifying Merino Sport 150 Tops – for both men and women from 03/05/2021 to 15/06/2021. 30-day Wear Test is only applicable to identified products purchased directly from Smartwool websites at www.smartwool.eu and smartwool.co.uk. The 30-day Wear Test commences upon delivery of goods to consumer and concludes exactly 30 calendar days thereafter. In the event that a consumer is dissatisfied with a qualifying product, they must contact Smartwool’s customer service before the end of the 30-day Wear Test to initiate a full refund as follows: registered users can access the "Return" section of their user dashboard and manage return requests; unregistered users must complete the form at the “Guest” section. Qualifying 30-day Wear Test products may be worn, however must be returned in all their parts. Important Restrictions: 30-day Wear Test is not applicable to similar qualifying products purchased before 03/05/2021 of 30-day wear test. The initiative is available for a limited time only and subject to change without notice.