Merino Wool Life
Cycle Assessment


Below, you’ll find a wool life cycle assessment report (growing, knitting,
processing, wearing, etc.) for two of our products.

We were the first company to complete a wool life cycle assessment—offering product transparency and insight into the environmental impact of natural fiber garments.

We want to be actively involved in helping the industry create better, less impactful apparel from Merino wool. This is a raw look at how our product life cycle measures up.

Since we started Smartwool, we’ve been working to improve our products and lessen their impact on the environment. This wool life cycle assessment report does a good job listing all of the things we’re working to improve. From CO2 emissions to energy used to educating others on the best ways to conserve water when washing, each category in this report shows that we have room to improve. We asked for this wool life cycle assessment report to be made by a third party to give us a roadmap that we can follow to effect change for ourselves and our industry.

We are sharing this product life cycle information with you because we believe it gives you an honest look into what we’re doing to improve. We’ve put the wheels in motion to reduce the environmental impact of products, and we want to share our successes and challenges with you. We want you to be a part of this journey. And for you to be a part of this journey, you have to know where we are and where we’re heading.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.